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Stormerce features are industrial standard

Marketplace With Independent Stores

customized storefront and vendors access to own a shop

Earn Commission From Each Sale As An Admin

attract seller with commission and start earning

Store Insights with Reports and Statement

get sales report and overview of store performances

Admin/Vendor Dashboard

get access to a rich dashboard that allows easy management of product

Coupon Management Right from Dashboard

reward your customer and promote your sales with coupon

Increase Brand Value with Product Reviews

gain trust and increase your marketplace brand value with review

Sellers access control

as admin you can activate/deactivate a vendor selling rights

Vendors Configure Their Own Store Settings

include additional information about your store and brand

Shipping Management for Each Store

no shipping hassles. manage your shipping for your store

Explore Features

Stormerce is built for users not people, so be assured that you’ve the right tool

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